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Our Dance and Movement Enrichment Program offers a fun, stimulating, creative and educational experience through dance, movement and dance appreciation for children of all age groups.  Our students enjoy a unique opportunity to open their minds to dance and movement through a wide range of styles - Hip Hop, Tap Dance, Jazz Dance, World Dance, Creative Dance, and Broadway Musicals/Theater. Our program is one of a kind Hinton Battle Dance Academy Method – the “Dance and Learn”™ Curriculum.  “Dance and Learn” focuses on dance training as well as broader concepts related to critical and creative thinking through movement that will help our children with their cognitive/physical development and promote a deeper learning about creativity, our bodies, artistic expression and collaboration. Our curriculum is designed combining 4 core pillars - Learning, Discovery, Expression, and Movement which will complement the students' overall learning experience.  



Dance is more than just a recreational activity. It is an art that allows the body to be an instrument of self-expression and communication. Through dance, students learn focus, discipline, creativity and teamwork. Dance classes enhance learning on multiple levels - cognitive skills by inviting students to create sequenced dance movements, math concepts through counting rhythm and beats, memory retention through learning/memorizing choreography and coordination. Dance builds self-confidence, promotes independent and creative learning, all the while emphasizing well-being. All of these skills Our aim is to positively complement a student’s overall academic performance and physical fitness. 


Washington, DC, Maryland, & Virginia






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