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Washington, DC, Maryland, & Virginia

Hinton Battle Dance Academy Summer Enrichment Program 

(SEP) provides a safe and nurturing environment, where children explore dance, movement and dance appreciation. Campers enjoy a one week unique experience that opens 

minds to dance through a wide range of styles. Hip Hop, Tap Dance, Creative Dance, and Broadway Musical Dance. 


EP offers the one of a kind HBDA METHOD “Dance and Learn”™ Curriculum.  “Dance and Learn” is fulfilled by including not only dance training but also broader concepts related to critical thinking through movement that will help children with their development and learning.


Our Curriculum is designed to teach the whole child. With segments of class focused on Learning, Discovery, Expression, and Movement creating the 4 Methods “Dance and Learn”™ that are sure to complement and enhance the students' overall learning experience! EP offers major benefits to summer fun for children. We bring our educational “Dance and Learn!” Curriculum to children in day cares, preschools, and elementary school! EP Classes are design to enrich children’s dance experience! 


A dedicated team of talented educators and staff will accompany children over the course of their one week learning journey.


All instructors have been personally trained and certified by Tony award winning singer and dancer Hinton Battle who is actively involved in managing and overseeing the program to ensure quality control.







Summer Enrichment Program 

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